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During 30 years of painting and teaching I have developed the 5C’s of Painting as a over-arching holistic thinking process for tackling any painting and for analysing and critically appraising existing paintings. This book is unique in separating the planning process from the painting process, showing how you can use 5C’s system to dramatically improve your paintings. The old adage 'Plan like a tortoise, paint like a hare', particularly in watercolour, finds practical expression in the 5 C's approach to painting.

In Part One five chapters explain each of the 5Cs in detail with numerous examples from my paintings.

In Part Two six photographs of scenes from my travels around the world are analysed using the 5C's. Questions arising from the 5C's analysis are posed to stimulate thinking about the subject and the different ways it can be painted.

When you have read my 5C's analysis of the subject and looked at the photograph I suggest you paint your own version before turning to Part 3 to see my painting of the subject.

In Part Three my painting of each of the six subjects is accompanied by an explanation of my thinking, starting with the concept I adopted and followed by my thoughts about the composition and the centre of interest, how I used contrast and colour to achieve the concept and when and how I decided the painting was complete. At this stage I'll tell you whether I think I succeeded in meeting my original concept for the subject.

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